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Permanent exhibition

L'intégration VASARELY

44 monumental works of VASARELY

The Foundation is open
Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm
including public holidays

The Foundation will be closed
December 24th and 25th,
December 31st and
January 1st 2015

Guided visits
Saturday and Sunday
starts at 2:30pm
6 persons to start a visit


Vasarely Foundation

La Fondation Vasarely

When internationally acclaimed artist Victor Vasarely imagined the “Cité polychrome du Bonheur” (“Polychromatic City of Happiness”), he imagined a center that would bring together urban planners, architects and artists. In 1966, Vasarely established a Foundation to promote his ideas of “art for all” and of the “city of tomorrow”, a city in which art harmoniously blends with architecture.

“Our existence is driven by two major forces : renewal and preservation. While the world advances from the past into the future, as individuals, we travel from the future into the past... this is our tragedy."...

Fondation Vasarely en 3D

*Recommended configuration:
CPU: 2.4 GHz dual core.
RAM: 2GB, Graphic card: 3.0 PixelShader
minimum Nvidia Geforce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800..

MAJUS a besoin de retrouver tout son éclat !

En participant à cette retauration, vous contribuez à la sauvegarde d'une œuvre exceptionnelle du XXème siècles, classée au titre des Monuments Historiques

Devenez mécène de la Fondation Vasarely

24 OCTOBRE 2014 - 4 JANVIER 2015

L'exposition Structures de l'invisible fait partie d'un projet global d'échanges entre artistes et scientifiques. Elle est coproduite par la Fondation Vasarely et le Musée Klovicevi Dvori de Zagreb, en Croatie. Elle réunit neuf artistes vivant dans différents pays dont la recherche traite de la question des structures librement interprétées de l'espace, du mouvement, de la lumière et de la matière, proposées comme expérience à l'observateur qui bouge, pense et perçoit.

Durant l’exposition, plusieurs rencontres seront organisées à la Fondation Vasarely et chez ses partenaires, l’École Supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence et l’association Seconde Nature.

Les artistes
Marine Antony, Elias Crespin, Pierre Gallais, Tommi Grönlund et Petteri Nisunen, Ivana Franke, Martina Kramer, Isabelle Sordage, Mirjana Vodopija

Les scientifiques
Danko Bosanac, Pierre Coulet, Etienne Ghys, Davor Horvatic, Jean-Marc-Lévy-Leblond, Jacques Mandelbrojt

Commissaire d'exposition Martina Kramer


Espoo Museum of Modern Art

Museum Haus Konstruktiv de Zürich

Musée d'Ixelles Museum Van Elsen

The Master of Illusions
Kineticism and Op Art

The paintings in the exhibition are from 1948–1979. This body of works presents an artist who helped create both the Kinetic Art that emerged in the 1950s and the equally pivotal 1960s movement, Optical Art. Vasarely’s kineticism sought to trick the viewer’s eye: the geometric shapes, with their impression of depth, “moved” on the two-dimensional surface. In the 1960s and 70s, Vasarely’s composition was based on the plastic alphabet that he had created, a system that he applied to the creation of a never-ending series of different combinations of colour and form with which to confuse the retina. The curator is Serge Lemoine, an expert on constructivism and Professor Emeritus at the University of Paris-Sorbonne.


Principal stages for the restauration of the Vasarely Foundation

Dear visitors,

The Vasarely Foundation has the pleasure to welcome you to the architectonique Center of Aix-en-Provence where Victor Vasarely offers his vision of "the polychrome city of happiness".

The conditions under which you will make your visit are not perfect. We would like to apologize for any inconveniency during your visit due to a lack of renovation over the past years.

Although recognized as a public center in 1971, the Foundation is entirely private and its income comes mainly from the entrances and sales from the shop.

Since 1981, this architectonique Center, has not been well preserved over the years. Unfortunately, this has contributed to a slow deterioration of the building and works.

Since 2010, we have launched a major restoration project supported by the French Ministry of Culture and the local town districts, for its classification at the French historical monuments, remarkable heritage of the twentieth century.

In its first phase, the project concerns the rehabilitation of the waterproofing of terraces and roofs, the introduction of an appropriate heating and air conditioning system and the new organization of the spatial planning for the temporary expositions.

Your visit, your purchases in the shop or your contribution to become a sponsor all help the Foundation to further its development which our team is proud to continue under Marseille-Provence2013, European capital of the culture.

We hope you will discover or rediscover with pleasure the work of Victor Vasarely.

We wish you an excellent visit and thank you for your understanding.


Pierre Vasarely
Président of the Vasarely Foundation


Opening of the work site february 1st 2013

The priority will be to bring out the building from water infiltration, ensure the conditions of maximum conservation of the permanent works and to improve and upgrade the accessibility and security for all :

• restauration of the roof
• lifting up of the facades
• implantation of technical material for the entire building
(heating, ventilation, air flow, electricity)
• control and restauration of wooden frames
• full accessibility for handicapped persons
• improvement of the temporary exhibition spaces

Teamwork >>>

restauration de la Fondation Vasarely
restauration de la Fondation Vasarely
restauration de la Fondation Vasarely
restauration de la Fondation Vasarely





L'intégration VASARELY

Ils ont pour vocation d'inviter les enfants et adolescents à la création artistique et permettent de mieux appréhender l'œuvre de Victor VASARELY.

Accueil des enfants à partir de 3 ans.
Ateliers et visites pour les groupes scolaires.
Modules tous les premiers mercredis du mois de 14h30 à 16h30 pour les enfants de 3 à 12 ans.

Ateliers vacances scolaires pour les enfants

Arts plastiques, archtecture, photos et danse.

Contact :


Art education
Educational workshop

Vasarely et la couleur

La Fondation Vasarely vous propose de venir découvrir l’œuvre de Victor VASARELY et de participer à des ateliers....

"La peinture n’est qu’un moyen. Le but à atteindre c’est de chercher, de définir et d’intégrer "le phénomène plastique" dans la vie de tous les jours."


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Catalogue raisonné

La Fondation Vasarely

En vue de la préparation du catalogue raisonné de l'œuvre de VASARELY, (Pécs, 9 avril 1906 - Paris, 15 mars 1997), Pierre Vasarely, titulaire du droit moral et légataire universel du plasticien, invite toute personne ou institution possédant des œuvres ou des documents à prendre contact avec la Fondation Vasarely - Jas de Bouffan - 13090 Aix-en-Provence.